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Creating IP Address Objects

Creating IP Address Objects

You use the DNS/DHCP Management Console to create and set up any IP Address objects to be assigned to specific devices or to be excluded from dynamic assignment. Create an IP Address object for each such device or address. Assigning a specific address to a client requires you to specify the client's media-access control (MAC) address or Client ID.

If you have set up subnets and subnet address ranges, you are not required to set up individual IP addresses unless you want to perform manual address assignment or exclude addresses from assignment.

To create and set up an IP Address object, complete the following steps:

Click DHCP Service tab of the DNS/DHCP Management Console.

Select the Subnet object of the target IP address, then click Create on the tool bar.

The Create New DHCP Object dialog box is displayed.

Select IP Address and click OK.

The Create IP Address dialog box is displayed.

Enter the IP address to be assigned or excluded, select the assignment type, then click Create.

If you choose Manual Assignment Type, you must provide information for either the Client Identifier or the MAC Address fields. You can also specify the MAC Type by clicking in the field; the default is FF Any.

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